Monday, September 8, 2008

Fall is by far the best season

Everyone is posting about how they love fall so this isn't that special of a post but I can't help it. Fall has always been my favorite time of year. My reasons have changed since I got married and have children but my love for the season hasn't changed. Here are just a few of the things that makes it the best season of the year for me.

1-The beautiful colors. I love driving up the canyon, looking at maple moutain and even driving down main street in springville and center street in provo. It feels like Heavenly Father loves to decorate just as much as I do.

2-The smells. I don't know why but fall air smells different. At night especially. It has a crisp and almost smokey smell, almost like a fire is burning in the distant.

3-Of course canning and reaping the benefits of planting a garden no matter how small. This year has been awesome because our squash, beans and even corn have been so yummy from our garden. We have more cucumbers than we know what to do with and our tomatoes have taken thier time but I picked a few this morning. We have canned white grape juice concentrate, salsa, spaghetti sauce, beans, and I have yet to can peppers, jam, applesauce and pears. Our trees in our yard are so laden with fruit it has been so nice to have it fresh when we want it without having to go to grocery store.

4-The stores are always so fun with all thier decorations and smells. I really have a hard time because I want to buy tons of crafts and paint things. Plus it always puts me in the sewing mood.

5-I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cooler weather. I am a pretty hot person by nature and have a hard time in the summer with the heat. But the fall is so nice because I get to wear sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts without sweating. Plus i love pulling out the flannel and fleece pj bottoms.

6-I get so excited even thinking about the holidays coming. I love halloween and this year Tennis is old enough to enjoy the candy, walk door to door (even if he can't say "trick or treat"), and seeing all the cute little costumed kids coming to our door.

7-Hunting season. I am happy Chad gets to look forward to this every year even if he is gone more than I would like and he gets to go up the canyon and me and the kids don't. But when the kids are old enough we might spend a night up there with him. Plus Chad looks really good in camo.

8-Bringing out the fall colored decorations in the house. We don't have much but it is SO much fun decorating. It is stupid to say but I feel so good being able to make the home feel cozy and smell spicy.

9-Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. I love them for eating, decorating, carving, anything you can think of when it comes to pumpkins.

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