Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two of Tennis's favorite things: Baths and Cars

The car goes Vroom
Nice bubble do!
Mmmm Bath water.
Puckering up to kiss the bubbles. He just recently started
making funny faces and this one is his bubble kiss face.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One of my favorites

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Tennis. Granted he is a little sticky from the cheese stick he is chowing down. He is sporting his new Easter hat. We love camo on our little man.

Baby Bumps

Okay I know this is late coming but here is a shot of me and Jen on February 24th, Chad's birthday. Not to big yet. We are much bigger now and more pictures will be coming soon. I am 26ish weeks and Jen is 28ish.

Tennis's Bestest Friend

Tennis just watching the cows. He stood there
for about 5 minutes without saying a word.

Tennis and his bestest friend.

Our little man loves his stuffed animals so much. He carries them around all day. He will pile them all up on the floor and then lay on top of them all and just roll around. It is so cute. Sometimes he acts so focused. For example last night we had the deck door open and the cows were out eating in the field behind our house. Tennis loves the cows. He realized they were there and grabbed his favorite bear and just stood there watching them. He didn't say anything he just stood there. Funny little man.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Landing Site

We found a new place to live yesterday. Thanks to Grandma Diane for keeping her eyes on the newspaper and responding quickly. It is in Springville about 2 blocks from the swimming pool. It is a duplex. We will be in the upstairs portion of the home. It has 3 bedrooms and a way nice big yard. We are really excited to be moving back to Springville. We will only be roughly a mile from my parents and about 8 or so blocks from Chad's parents. So walking distance to both homes. We'll be here for several years and are comfortable having our little ones in the neighborhood which is hard to find. And hey we'll be in lots of Chad's old high school buddies parents ward and even some of the high school teachers. It should be nice to be closer to family and in a familiar neighborhood.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ode to Chad

I was laying in bed this morning at about 7:00 and felt an overwhelming gratitude for my husband wash over me. He does more for me than I could ever attempt to do for him. He left for work at around 6:30am this morning and not to work on the computer but to clean the office. Normally it is my job but since I have been on bed rest he has been doing it for me. He is already there a large majority of his days for work but now he is there twice a week to spend an hour cleaning. He does so many other things for me. To list just a few, he puts up with my craziness every day, when I am having a bad/sick day he comes home and takes care of Tennis and even cooks dinner if needs be, when folding piles up and I just don't have a desire to do it he sorts it and folds it with me, he also indulges my little cravings like strawberry daiquiris and oreo mcflurrys and to top it all off he makes late night runs to the hospital with me when I just can't get contractions to stop. He is so much stronger than he knows and is such a good example to me. It seems like he doesn't ever question things when they go wrong, I am terrible at that. He always has a cool head and hides how stressed he is from me when I am super stressed because he knows it only makes me worse. To top it all off I totally think he is such a hottie. :P So thank you Chad for loving me and taking care of our little family. You are our compass.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Utah Spring

For starters I am going to mention the recent weather. I know most people don't like it but to be very honest I love it. I love the cool and stormy weather. Chad isn't a fan and Tennis gets stir crazy every time someone goes to the door. Poor little guy he wants to go out so bad but I am totally limited to what I can do right now.

Second we are moving again. Blah. And wow are places more expensive to rent than I have seen before. I'm sure it is normal but man how do people expect you to be able to rent when mortgage would be in most situations cheaper. But I'm sure we'll find something great.

A note on the baby to be. She is getting so big now. Every time she moves it's like she is playing tag with me. I push and pulls away then she kicks my hand hard as if to say, "This is my space mom!" My tummy just rolls and bulges. It is funny to watch. She does like to put her feet against my ribs and push though. Not to fun.

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