Monday, October 29, 2007

Tennis's 1st Pumpkin

We carved pumpkins last week with our neighbors. It was really fun. We tried something new with Tennis's pumpkin by not carving all the way through the pumpkin. It turned out pretty cool. Tennis didn't really know what to think when I first started pulling out all the pumpkin guts. I thought he might enjoy being able to get dirty and grabbing slimy things with mebut I think it was a little to sticky and foriegn for him. He did enjoy the part where we dipped his hand and foot in paint and put them on the pumpkin. But his favorite part was when it was done and he could take off the top of the pumpkin to look at the candle.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Fun Zone

Okay so this week has been so busy. Well busy in the fact that I feel like there is always more dishes to clean, laundry to do, food to prepare, toys to pick up etc... I love my role in life and in my family. But sometimes I wish I could just get out the shop vac and suck everything up and dump it in the trash. Of course I am the one that makes mostly all of the messes. What can I say I have been cooking tons and love to cook. I just make a HUGE mess when I do. And trust me I try not to but I think it is just how I cook. As Carl's Jr. so eliquently puts it, "If it doesn't get
all over the place it doesn't belong in your face." I would post a picture of how messy my house looks right now but I would probably embarrass myself and Chad.
This season is my favorite for so many reasons and the main reason is because of all the seasonal cooking and mess making I can do. But man not only do the pounds start packing on but the mess doesn't just clean itself up. I wish I could draft Tennis for some chores but his idea of helping is following me around, pulling on my pants, throwing the soccer ball at me and dumping out more toys. Man do I love him.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Change is Good

So things are so routine for us sometimes I have to do something to change it up even if it is something as small as me cutting my own hair with a pair of scissors from all a dollar. I have to admit though I really really do love it. I cut off about 6 inches +/-. It isn't that short but compared to how long it had gotten it is quite different. For example I got in the shower the day after I cut it and didn't think as I squirted about 3 times to much shampoo in my hand, which would be just enough before I had cut it. It is so much easier to do now though. Plus Tennis can't get half the grip his used to when he would grab my hair. Chad seems to like it too. Which is always a plus.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Baby Love

Tennis loves playing with his daddy. I don't think that it gets much better than this.

Happy Days Are Here To Stay

Tennis's first birthday party. Cambree turned one year old Septemeber 25th and Tennis was elated to get invited as you can see. He loves seeing his cousins. I like this picture because I don't have very many of me and him and I can actually see a little bit of me in him here. Other words he is his father's son. He is such a softy hearted little guy. He is always concerned when anyone is sad. He is precise too. It is funny to see someone so little so precise with things. For example the other day I gave him green beans with dinner, real green beans. He picked each one up and turned it over in his little hand examining it until he found one that suited him then he ate it. He did that for a half an hour. Then came the raisins. He did the same thing. But with raisins he pushes them to the front of his mouth where his little teeth are and he chewed it until it broke open. He took it out of his mouth and looked at the inside of it then put it back in his mouth and some how got all the gooie insides out and then took the skin out of his mouth and set it down. Kids are funny little eaters.

Our Little Man

Tennis is almost a year and he is getting cuter and cuter every day. This is a picture of him on a morning walk with mommy. All bundled up to keep warm in the chilly air. He is getting closer and closer to walking. He takes a few steps but then plops down. I think he thinks crawling is faster. Little does he know that when he starts to walk running will soon follow. He is measuring in at 32 inches and weighs in at 20lbs as of last Monday. We are so blessed ever day to have him.

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