Sunday, September 11, 2011

Worst Blogger Ever!!!

Yes I will openly admit that I am officially the worst blogger ever.

None the less I am going to attempt to catch up. So I have 9 months to catch up on. Wow. So much has happened. But I will just attempt to touch on the bigger events.

Well the new year began with Trent comping home off his mission. We were so happy to have him back. The kids all think that he is the coolest person ever. Which is great because whenever he is around I know that the kids are wherever he is. They just love him so much.

It also began with Chad and I deciding to starting looking into buying our first home. We hadn't really done this before seriously so we had a lot to learn but we began. During the process I began working out of the home again. In March I started at Taco Bell. How glamorous am I? Lol, not at all. It was honest work. But not for me. The environment was HORRIBLE!!! So for more than one reason I decided that it wasn't worth the stress so I moved on. In June I began working with my mom again as a trade director. I am good at it so it was easy to start up again. Though the transition required me to work days so part of me going back to work for them was that they help cover my childcare. It was only for 2 1/2 days a week and the day care is an awesome place. So both me and the kids began the transition.

During the first few weeks of me going back to work with my mom we found out that we in fact weren't quite ready to purchase a home for a few reasons and needed more time to prepare. But our landlord needed us to be out by mid June because their daughter was getting married and she wanted to rent out the apartment. So in the interest of saving and trying to get ahead we decided to move in with parents until we are ready to start the process of buying our first home again. Now it is September. We moved in with my folks back on June 15th. We are hoping to start the hunt for our home next month. Hopefully it doesn't take to long.

The kids also began preschool again back at Sage Creek Elementary just last week. Tennis goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Penny goes Monday and Wednesday. I am so happy we were able to keep them going there. Tennis loves all the teachers and aids and with all the changes that have been going on the past few months it is super important that we keep the kids at Sage Creek for as long as possible. They both love it. I will post pictures of their first day hopefully in the morning.

On top of starting Preschool Tennis began soccer for the first time. It is quite funny to see the little mass of kids running around after the ball haphazardly. There is almost always one kid pouting because the ball got stolen from them or someone getting pushed on the ground. Tennis has scored a few goals and has had 4 games so far. He is doing better each game. He still tends to get distracted and doesn't really like being in the middle of the mass of kids. But if he gets a chance with the ball he takes it and runs with it. I am thinking that he will be a good forward or keep. He has enjoyed it but I think that he will more so next year. Penny is a little bit put out each game because she wants to play. I don't think she will have the same timid personality on the field that Tennis does. Watch out next year. Our fireball will be playing!!!

I am also in the process of hopefully getting a new job. Yes another job. But this one is a career change. No more sales!!!! Yes!!!! It is a police dispatch position working for Springville city. It is part time for starters but with the possibility of becoming full time. Great benefits, working swing shift so mostly nights and weekends and a good professional work environment where I hopefully get to help people. City jobs are life time jobs and I am really hoping that it works out for me. It would be so nice to not have to put the kids in day care anymore and be home during the day with them. Even it means a few long nights and missing a weekend or two. I have had to put up with much worse. All around it would be good for me and my family. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying lots of prayers. They have narrowed it down from 20ish to 2. So it is just between me and one other. They are going through an extensive background check right now. So I am hopeful that I will hear something this next week.

We were able to go on a few more camping trips this summer which the kiddos loved. Moon lake was nice since there weren't as many people up there. But at the same time we missed hanging out with everyone. We don't really get to do that any other time of the year. So yes we did miss everyone that wasn't there.

Diane and Alan had another litter of puppies. They had 12, I think that is right. But Sammie accidentally killed one that first week. So they ended up finding homes for 11 of them. They had yellow, brown and black pups in the litter. The blacks were SO cute. Millie and Seth both took one pup. We were sad that we weren't in a house because we really wanted one of the litter but that is okay because we will just have to get one when we get into a house and have somewhere to keep it. They sure were fun though. Tennis named a few of them. His favorite was a black one that had white pads on its feet. He named it Indie for Indian Jones. He is so obsessed. Gotta love that little boy!

The hunting season is in full swing and Chad's dad drew out a big bull tag this year. He is super excited and so are the boys. They have been up almost every weekend trying to spot the big bulls and narrow it down to one or two for Alan to try to track down. Trent got his first cow elk this past weekend on the archery hunt. Chad is over at his parents house right now helping them to process the meat. We were so excited for Trent because it is his first year back from his mission hunting and he got one.

Both Seth and Amanda and Annie and Jordan has their third babies. Annie and Jordan had another little boy. He is tiny and so cute just like their other two were. Amanda and Seth had another little girl. Her name is Hadlee and she isn't so tiny. Lol. She is like a baby sumo. But she is beautiful, she looks a lot like Cambree did as a baby. Both mommies look great and have recovered well. It is fun to see their families grow.

I can't think of to much else that has happened the past few months. Lots of changes for my little family what with moving, going back to work, school, and many other things. We are here and kicking still, that is all that matters. So that is the past 9 months in a nut shell. More pictures to come later.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Snow Day

Building a fort

Throwing a snowball at mommy.

Our cherry tree in the back yard. I swear it was creaking all day. I half expected it to split.
Yummy. I love this picture.

Our snowman family

We woke one morning to tons of snow. The kids were so excited. Chad and Tennis had just made a little family of snow men the night before and when we woke up they looked more like spiral decorative trees. Tennis played with our neighbor girls in the deep snow. Then we all went out and played once it got a little warmer.

More Christmas Pics 2010

Papa Dahl did an awesome job with Tennis's name!
Tennis's treasure chest that daddy made for him.
Penny's dollhouse. I will not do this again. It was ridiculously time consuming and I still have a few things to do on it.
Mostly all of the decorations on the walls are scrapbooking things that have adhesive on the backs of them. Even the wall paper is scrapbooking paper modge podged on the wall. It turned out cute. They both love it and she loves her little dolls that she got for it.

We had someone leave a little set of princesses on our front porch for Penny for Christmas. I am not sure who it was but she loves them. She had a few from before so the few extra she got made it all that much better.

"Santa came to our house!"

Penny opening her Madame Alexander dolls for her dollhouse.

When we visited Santa this year Tennis told him that he wanted jiggly bugs and a red dragon. He was a good enough boy to be able to get both from Santa. When he came out christmas morning and saw all the presents it was so funny. He said, "Santa came to our house! Wow!" It was so cute. He seriously so excited about all the presents and the fact that Santa came.

Paper flying everywhere. Penny got a little dollhouse that Chad and I made from a kit. Chad made Tennis a chest and finished a treasure chest for Tennis. My dad used a dremel tool to put Tennis's name on the chest. He loved it but honestly he likes Penny's dollhouse better. It is funny that he likes a little dollhouse so much.

Tennis's chest.
Penny's dollhouse and the table and chairs Chad finished for the kiddos.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family night at Trafalga

Penny's favorite game.
They loved the dancing machine.
One guess why Tennis loved this game most of all.

They both sat through the XD movie. They both loved it. They put their arms out in front of themselves like they were flying.


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