Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Snow Day

Building a fort

Throwing a snowball at mommy.

Our cherry tree in the back yard. I swear it was creaking all day. I half expected it to split.
Yummy. I love this picture.

Our snowman family

We woke one morning to tons of snow. The kids were so excited. Chad and Tennis had just made a little family of snow men the night before and when we woke up they looked more like spiral decorative trees. Tennis played with our neighbor girls in the deep snow. Then we all went out and played once it got a little warmer.

More Christmas Pics 2010

Papa Dahl did an awesome job with Tennis's name!
Tennis's treasure chest that daddy made for him.
Penny's dollhouse. I will not do this again. It was ridiculously time consuming and I still have a few things to do on it.
Mostly all of the decorations on the walls are scrapbooking things that have adhesive on the backs of them. Even the wall paper is scrapbooking paper modge podged on the wall. It turned out cute. They both love it and she loves her little dolls that she got for it.

We had someone leave a little set of princesses on our front porch for Penny for Christmas. I am not sure who it was but she loves them. She had a few from before so the few extra she got made it all that much better.

"Santa came to our house!"

Penny opening her Madame Alexander dolls for her dollhouse.

When we visited Santa this year Tennis told him that he wanted jiggly bugs and a red dragon. He was a good enough boy to be able to get both from Santa. When he came out christmas morning and saw all the presents it was so funny. He said, "Santa came to our house! Wow!" It was so cute. He seriously so excited about all the presents and the fact that Santa came.

Paper flying everywhere. Penny got a little dollhouse that Chad and I made from a kit. Chad made Tennis a chest and finished a treasure chest for Tennis. My dad used a dremel tool to put Tennis's name on the chest. He loved it but honestly he likes Penny's dollhouse better. It is funny that he likes a little dollhouse so much.

Tennis's chest.
Penny's dollhouse and the table and chairs Chad finished for the kiddos.


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