Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Santa came to our house!"

Penny opening her Madame Alexander dolls for her dollhouse.

When we visited Santa this year Tennis told him that he wanted jiggly bugs and a red dragon. He was a good enough boy to be able to get both from Santa. When he came out christmas morning and saw all the presents it was so funny. He said, "Santa came to our house! Wow!" It was so cute. He seriously so excited about all the presents and the fact that Santa came.

Paper flying everywhere. Penny got a little dollhouse that Chad and I made from a kit. Chad made Tennis a chest and finished a treasure chest for Tennis. My dad used a dremel tool to put Tennis's name on the chest. He loved it but honestly he likes Penny's dollhouse better. It is funny that he likes a little dollhouse so much.

Tennis's chest.
Penny's dollhouse and the table and chairs Chad finished for the kiddos.

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