Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Family Reunion - Moon Lake

Our Moon Lake adventure has come to an end. When camping in such a beautiful location as this, it never seems to be long enough. This was Tennis' first visit to the lake, and he loved it. We've never seen him so talkative as he was after those two nights sitting around the campfire. The weather was great, it rained a few times each day just enough to keep us cool and comfortable. We had a lot of fun fishing and playing on the beach, and it was good to reunite with family and be able to share in the experiance with them.

Here are some Video Highlights:


Annie said...

First you punish Tennis by sticking him in the tent, then you make him do dishes? What next? Just kidding. What a good boy!

Chad said...

ya being stuck in a tent and doing dishes are still cool things ;) we'll take advantage of having him help out while he likes too.


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