Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Christmas already!

Wow, time does seem to fly. It feels like I was just celebrating Tennis's first birthday and now we have our Christmas tree up and thanksgiving is over. I do love Christmas. It just seems like each year the holidays fly by faster and faster without it really even registering that it is coming and going. I remember as a kid how long Christmas brake seemed to feel. I also remember thanksgiving day lasting twice as long. I guess that when you are a child and you don't have any worries or responsibilities time can take as long as you want. This is my favorite time of year for many many reasons. But here are my top ten reasons.

1-Christ's birth
2-The happy spirit everyone seems to have about them.
3-All the beautiful decorations especially the nativities.
4-I love the music, specifically the church songs.
5-Giving gifts to people you love.
6-The cold weather is so nice for a change.
7-All the seasonal smells of cooking and the Christmas trees.
8-Getting together with family. Sometimes there are to many parties though. It doesn't seem like it is relaxing season sometimes because of all the places you have to be.
9-I love going shopping even if it isn't to buy anything. I just love stores this time of the year because of all the fun displays and things that they don't normally have.
10-All the fun stories that revolve around the holidays from the bible stories to the fun children's books.

*The time with my husband I get when he has work off is right under #1 though. I guess I can't limit the things I am grateful for to just 10 things.

I recommend everyone think of their top 10 reasons why they love this season and if anything seems overwhelming, which it sometimes does during the season, remember them or at least one of them.

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Sonja said...

What a great idea Bambi! I love your list. Maybe I'll just copy it. :D Your pictures are adorable. I can't believe that Tennis is at the one year mark! Best wishes...


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