Thursday, April 10, 2008

Utah Spring

For starters I am going to mention the recent weather. I know most people don't like it but to be very honest I love it. I love the cool and stormy weather. Chad isn't a fan and Tennis gets stir crazy every time someone goes to the door. Poor little guy he wants to go out so bad but I am totally limited to what I can do right now.

Second we are moving again. Blah. And wow are places more expensive to rent than I have seen before. I'm sure it is normal but man how do people expect you to be able to rent when mortgage would be in most situations cheaper. But I'm sure we'll find something great.

A note on the baby to be. She is getting so big now. Every time she moves it's like she is playing tag with me. I push and pulls away then she kicks my hand hard as if to say, "This is my space mom!" My tummy just rolls and bulges. It is funny to watch. She does like to put her feet against my ribs and push though. Not to fun.

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