Thursday, October 9, 2008


This time of year I always wish I were 10-20 lbs lighter and my hair was as blond as it used to be. It is all the gatherings that are around the corner that make me feel like this. I was thinking while I was getting ready this morning about how I wish I looked like this or that and I remembered something that my mom told me during one of our hour long phone calls. She told me that one of my brothers, Josh, had told her that I am one of the most beautiful women in the family. Well something like that. Chad tells me I look good all the time or he says something like hot mama and it makes me feel good too don't get me wrong I feel good every time he says it even if I laugh it off because I don't feel it I remember it. But to hear it coming from someone besides your mom or husband is so nice every once in a while. So if you are a husband, brother, father, sister, friend or even a mother and are reading this and you have someone that you think is beautiful in your life let them know today. And say beautiful not hot or cute or look good with a loving tone. It will lift their spirits and make them feel special for however long it lasts for them.
Here is a small list of some of the women that I think are the most beautiful women I know.
  • Amelia Torgersen
  • Jenna Holm
  • Cami Clement-who I'm sure won't ever see this
  • There are many many others and if I didn't mention you on my list I didn't mean to offend these were just three of the people that come to mind whenever I think of a physically beautiful woman.


Jenna said...

You ARE beautiful. I too understand the need to hear this from time to time. Please know that if ever you need a "lift me up," I will tell you over and over again. I love you, and you are stunning. I am in awe of what you do and who you are. Much love,


Jen said...

The only thing that is wrong with your list is that you are not on it. Your BEAUTIFUL,and an amazing person

Brian and Amelia said...

I agree with Jen, your name should definitely be on the list - in place of mine! What were you thinking?! You are beautiful, Bambi, I hope I never make you feel otherwise.

Bambi said...

Okay I didn't put this post up so I could hear how people think I look. It was meant for others. THank you all though.

liz said...

hey bambi,

i found your blog from josh's blog who i reconnected w/ on facebook. phew! did that makes sense? your little family is so sweet. it looks like you are very happy. it's been fun talking w/ josh and seeing your family's blogs. jake is a grown up which seems so weird to me ; )

say hi to everyone from me.

liz (sanchez)

Jen said...

When you are thinking about how you used to look, or how you want to look you should just remember that you are beautiful now. You are the mother of two beautiful children who demand all of your time. When you look in the mirror you should remember that. The only person you need to get dolled up for is your hubby. I truthfully think you are a gorgeous girl and you have always been. The fact that your hair is no longer platinum blonde, and you dont always have time to put makeup on does not make you look any less pretty. It should be a reminder that you are very blessed to be a little poorer, more tired, a little more stressed and it is just a phase in your life that you will look back on and wish you had back one day.

Smile a little more often and always know that iou are a pretty platinum blonde with a cute figure who should have complete confidence that you are loved and that is all that matters.



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