Thursday, May 21, 2009


where did april go?

I really don't have much to say, but just wanted to jump in quickly grab a hold of may before I lost it to the great blogger depression too.

But on a lighter note Penelope (if ya can't remember, she's the cute one. no... she's the cutest one ever!) is celebrating her 1st birthday tomorrow. Oh I can't believe she's already a year. 5 bucks to anyone who can figure me out how to pause time. She's just such a cutie and gives me awesome hugs and kisses, i don't ever want that to change.

Love & Kisses to my little girl who's given me an awesome first year of her life!


Brian and Amelia said...

Happy Birthday, Penny! We love you! *And your daddy is pretty right, you are pretty darn cute!!*

Jenna said...

Her lips are awesome in this photo! Happy Bird-day Penny!

Kevin & Mari said...

Bambi, Penny has the biggest most beautiful eyes! What cute kids! I'm so glad that we've "run into each other" online. Can't wait to see ya'll and really catch up.

Happy Bday little Penny!


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