Wednesday, November 4, 2009

God's House

When life gets to be to much, as it often does there is one place that we should always go. A place where peace is always present and clarity comes to those that seek it. I have been having a hard time with some things recently and was able to go our ward's Young Women in Excellence program last night. The theme was Preparing to Enter the Temple. The matrons of the Bountiful Temple, newly released, came and spoke. It was uplifting, reassuring and filled me with a new drive to go to the temple more and to all around be a better person and mother. Some of my most peaceful memories come from my trips to the temple. There is an unmistakable sense of love and peace that I feel when I am in the temple. I am so grateful that we not only have one but 7 temples within driving distance. We are so blessed .

1 comment:

Annie said...

I agree. The temple is such a great place to escape from the world and be reminded of our eternal nature, why we're here, and what we should be doing.


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