Friday, January 29, 2010

Bad Guy VS. Good Guy

This morning at about 8am I was lying in bed and I heard one of our neighbor boys to the north of us fighting with his dad by their back yard gate that is super close to our window. As I laid there trying to ignore it I remembered back to when I was a young kid and my big brothers would get their testosterone pumping and would fight or argue. It made me wonder if Tennis would ever have moment like that when he gets to big a teenager. Tennis broke my train of thought by knocking on his door to let me know he was up and wanting out of his room. So I went and got him. He still seemed tired and he went into my room and climbed on my bed then laid down. I followed suit. The boy was still fighting with his dad and so I went to close our window so Tennis wouldn't be able to hear it. When I got up to close the window Tennis said the cutest thing.

Tennis: "Mommy, bad guy fight good guy."
Mommy: "That's right buddy. Our neighbor boy is fighting with his daddy. Fighting is bad isn't it?"
Tennis: "Ya, fighting bad. Good guy sad? Bad guy say sorry?"
Mommy: " Yes, the neighbor boy should say sorry to his daddy. It isn't nice to yell, especially at daddies."
Tennis started to cry at this point. He is so sensitive.
Mommy: "It's okay sweetie. They'll be okay. They will stop fighting. They are just mad at each other."
Tennis crying: "Daddy sad? Love daddy. Where is daddy?"
I explained where his daddy is and he has been asking me all morning when daddy is going to be home.

He is so sweet and sensitive.

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