Monday, June 18, 2007

St. George is HOT!

Well really the heading sums up our trip this past weekend... Very Very Hot! Friday we made it to St. George with just enough time to settle into our hotel room and take a swim in the pool. The water felt great but being the white skinned people we are we stayed in the indoor pool for fear we'd be well cooked within 10 min. Plus the indoor pool was empty so we were able to spend more time with tennis in the water. He loved the water so much. Saturday we made our way to Las Vegas... a place I really don't care to visit ever, but it was for a good cause and we were getting paid to do it so that made the trip manageable. We ate at a philippino shop, and I was amazed at how similar it was to one you would see in the philippines. We also walked through the market they had there, they even had fresh fish just laying open on ice and fruits you usually dont see here. It Brought back great memories. We ended the trip sunday with a drive and hike up Kolob Canyon. A beautiful scenic canyon, and although the heat was crazy we still had a really fun time.

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