Monday, July 23, 2007

Anyone say Portland?

July has been crazy so far and it ain't over yet. We just recently returned home from Portland where we spent our time selling jewelry made in the philippies. We met a lot of great fun people, and did earn a good bit of money which will be used to aid children in the philippines get the schooling they need. We were able to take friday afternoon off and stroll around the great city of protland. It really is a beautiful place. They have some pretty neat buildings and wonderful green lush landscapes. I think I would have enjoyed it more myself if I wasnt driving though... that place is the hardest place I've ever had to navigate. Friday was Bambi's birthday so it was nice to be able to break away and just spend some time with her and Tennis. Tennis thought we were in heaven, but we kept reminding him it was just Portland. And, although vacations are fun, we're very glad to be home again.


Annie said...

Those signs would confuse me too. I don't have a good sense of direction anyway. Is that sign for real?

Chad said...

I think it really points you in the right direction if you can find the sign your looking for, but i'm pretty sure it's just for fun.


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