Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fit to be tied

Since I had Penny my post baby body has been driving me crazy. Not only does my tummy almost make up a whole other me but it looks like I was attacked by some animal with large claws. Everyday I avoid looking into the mirror which is no way to live. You should love yourself inside and out, right? Well since I really don't love myself on the outside right now I figured that needs to change. So I am going to set some goals and start working on them today. I figured if I list my goals on the blog it would motivate me to do something more about it than I have been because people will know I am working on it and I'll feel like I need to uphold them. So here they are.
Loose 20lbs (6month goal)
drop 2 pant sizes (6month goal)
be able to run 5 miles without (3month goal)
work out for atleast 45 minutes a day everyday except for sundays
eat much much healthier
participate in atleast 3 hours of physical activity with my kids everyday
So that seems like a lot but I know I can do it if I just start and get into a routine. So here's to goals.


jennifer said...

bambi i know i hate the post baby body just remember it takes time. that is what i try to tell my self everyday when i have nothing to wear. love ya

Brian & Amelia said...

Wow! You are ambitious! I think that's great! I also have goals for myself, as I seem to have gained a bit through my stress, recently. It's just hard to get going when you're trying to get pregnant again. . .I need to just do it! Thanks for your inspiration!!

Bambi said...

Do it before you get pregnant. Get into the best shape you can because it seems like it takes longer to bounce back after the second pregnancy. Things get more stretched than with the first.

By the way Millie you look awesome.

Wurtz Gang said...

Bambi you are a brave woman! I think that every girl hopes to look like they did before a baby nonetheless you still look amazing!


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