Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My One True Love

When I think back about how I knew Chad through school and we were both just acquaintances and didn't really get to know each other to well it makes me wonder how it would have been if we had known that we would end up together. Chad would have probably laughed at the thought that we would be married and have two children just 5 short years after his mission. I would have never guessed. All I can say now is that Heavenly Father's plan is a wonder. I am married to someone I have known for quite some time. We have two beautiful children and he is a wonderful father. He was the man that took me through the temple my first time, the man that shared a perfect honeymoon with me, a man that knows me better than I feel I know myself sometimes. He was my first in a lot of ways and my last in every way. I am so grateful for all that he does for me and our children. I know it isn't easy for most men to work everyday in and out and never be able to do anything different because they are supporting their children and wife. But as one that is completely dependant upon my husband I am grateful for the life that he provides for us. It is humbling to be completely dependant upon someone. We might not have all the little things that one hopes for but someday we possibly will. But for now we have our health and each other. Who really could ask for more. So for now I'll just say for the thousandth time since we have been married that I am more grateful for my husband than anything else because without him I wouldn't have my two little miracles that we call Tennis and Penny, I wouldn't have the blessing of an eternal marriage with a strong and faithful husband and I wouldn't have the knowledge and wisdom that i do today. He has made me a stronger and better person. I love him so much and hope everyone can have such luck in life and love as I have had.

I thought that I might ask what everyone is doing for father's day. If you think your spouse might read your comment then don't leave one but if not then please do. I already know what I am doing for Chad but I thought that it might be fun to hear about what everyone else is doing.


Brian & Amelia said...

You guys are so great together! I'm so happy for you! I'd tell you what I'm doing for father's day, but I don't know! AAAK! Hopefully soon!

Annie said...

You're awesome Bambi! And so is your little family too! Jordan already got his father's day present - Samson. I'm going to make one of Jordan's favorite meals: Chicken Cordon Bleu. It's going to be tin-foil style on the grill though. I'm still trying to think of something Caleb can help me make that will be his present for daddy but no ideas yet.

Bambi said...

I was thinking about doing a mouse pad with a pciture of the kids on it but I didn't have the time or funds. Oh well.

Alan & Diane said...

You have a great family. Imagine the possibilities! They'll be here fast! Love Grandma P.


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