Sunday, October 4, 2009


I love my kids so much. They are so fun, sweet and smart. I had to opportunity to go up to Ikea friday with our good friend Jenna. I of course took both the kids. Right when we got there Tennis told me he needed to go potty, he is doing so great with the whole big boy underwear thing. When I took him into the bathroom he said, "Mommy pee pee please." So I helped him with his underwear and when he was done he wiped then flushed and hugged my legs then said "Thank you, Luv you!" He is so sweet. Then after Ikea Jenna took us to Sweet Potatoes Buffet in Draper. Penny ate everything I put in front of her and Tennis wouldn't touch anything not even ice cream. Jenna got a front row seat to how it is taking kids out to eat. I felt really embarrased because I couldn't get him to sit still or eat anything but that is a 2 year for you. Smart and sweet one second then a walking tornado the next.

Then last night the kids and I headed up to JoAnn Fabirc to get stuff for Penny's little red riding hood costume and Colin's dino costume I am going to put together for them. I passed the Center Street exit and saw a desperate looking woman about my age standing next to her minivan Full of kids. I couldn't help myself. I pulled off the side of the road and offered my assistance. She was heading to Robert's to meet her sisters and had run out of gas. She had all her kids loaded in the car and didn't have a phone on her. I of course felt terrible for her so we loaded her kids in my car and drove to the University Pkwy exit and got some gas then drove her back to her car. I found out that her hubbie was at the Priesthood session like mine and that she didn't have a cell phone like me. I couldn't help but feel a strong connection to her and her situation. One of her boys was 3 1/2 and I found myself even more grateful for my little Tennis. Her son was so out of control and wouldn't listen to her at all. And her 5 year old little girl was the same. After I dropped her off I couldn't help but feel like I won the child lottery. Yes Tennis can be a pill and Penny screams so loud and high that I am sure dogs can hear her in neighboring states but other than that they both are easy kids. So thank you Heavenly Father for my two biggest blessings!!!!

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