Monday, October 19, 2009

Life As We Know It

It has been a busy past few weeks. The things that has effected me the most recently has been our new ward. Our stake rearranged the ward boundaries two weeks ago and this past Sunday was our first time meeting as a new ward. I was pretty down about the whole thing when I found out how our old ward would be split up and how we weren't going to be with a large majority of them. But I just need to jump on in and loose myself in the new ward right? We also got released from our callings in our old ward since we aren't in that ward anymore. Which was nice in some ways for me because my old calling was pretty big and I am not sure I was ready for it. But since I was the primary chorister in the old ward for some time the new primary got wind of it and called me last week and asked me to do the music with the kids for the primary program which is going to be next Sunday. So it has been stressing me a little but it will work out. Well it will either sink and everyone will remember it as the program we struggled and just got by or it will be awesome. So either way I'm ready.

Penny went into nursery for the first time the past week too. She stayed the whole time and was great. She hasn't ever really been one to be afraid of anything. She is going to love it.

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Brian and Amelia said...

Oh, I feel for you with primary. You'll be great, though. That's hard to be thrown into that, but at least you know the songs!!


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