Thursday, May 20, 2010

Growing up can be hard on a parent

Tennis and his preschool certificate

Our craft for the day
A hug amongst friends. Tennis and Hayden

Tennis and his teacher Marianne Maine
Tennis and his aid Cindy Richins
Tennis and his bestest preschool friend Suka
All the children swarming John Wald the speech therapist. He brought a horny toad to class.
Listening to John read a story about a giant squid
Tennis holding the horny toad
Tennis and Suka playing together.
Minnie mouse ears.
He loved this blue hat and the blocks. They built a castle.

Tennis had his first Preschool graduation party today. He wasn't graduating but some of the kids were. It made me sad for him because he isn't going to be able to go all summer and he will miss his new friends and teachers. He was so proud when he showed me around the room. I got a little teary eyed for him and the other kids. He has learned so much and grown up a lot in the past 4 1/2 months since he started. I am so grateful for the opportunity he had to go.

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