Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Top of Eachother

Do you ever feel like you are at the bottom of a pile of life? Well I do this week. Between kids, toys, cramped spaces, spiders, sewing, cleaning, making summer plans and trying to please everyone I feel a lot like this picture.
But busy is good. Really I am always a lot happier when I am busy. Well for the most part I am. Happier but crankier at the same time. Is that even possible? The sense of accomplishment is what makes me happy I suppose.
If anyone has ever lived in a small space with small children you know what I mean when I say on top of each other. Between the toys being everywhere, the kids always being under my feet and the lack of personal space "on top of each other" is the only way to describe home life right now.
I will be so happy when the weather decides to be warm enough again for my little ones to go out and run the risk of catching the cold or the flu every time. I love it when they get out. I stand at my kitchen sink and watch them decorate their little swing/slide set with sidewalk chalk and dig for worms and other creepy crawlies in the garden. I especially love it when my little man Tennis comes in with a hand full of earthworms and wants a kerr jar to put them in. Even though he ends up killing them by accident I can't help but love his fixation with all animals and bugs. He has had that intense fixation every since he was big enough to focus on them. More so than any other kid I have been around. It makes me wonder if he will grow up to be a marine biologist, vet or some other type of person that helps, studies and takes care of animals. I could totally see him becoming a marine biologist more than anything. I can't wait to take him to the zoo and even the beach for the first time.

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