Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Fun Zone

Okay so this week has been so busy. Well busy in the fact that I feel like there is always more dishes to clean, laundry to do, food to prepare, toys to pick up etc... I love my role in life and in my family. But sometimes I wish I could just get out the shop vac and suck everything up and dump it in the trash. Of course I am the one that makes mostly all of the messes. What can I say I have been cooking tons and love to cook. I just make a HUGE mess when I do. And trust me I try not to but I think it is just how I cook. As Carl's Jr. so eliquently puts it, "If it doesn't get
all over the place it doesn't belong in your face." I would post a picture of how messy my house looks right now but I would probably embarrass myself and Chad.
This season is my favorite for so many reasons and the main reason is because of all the seasonal cooking and mess making I can do. But man not only do the pounds start packing on but the mess doesn't just clean itself up. I wish I could draft Tennis for some chores but his idea of helping is following me around, pulling on my pants, throwing the soccer ball at me and dumping out more toys. Man do I love him.

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Brandon and Brittany said...

We are so alike! I love reading blogs for that reason, because I find out things I have in common with people I love. You really should join our food blog! We could use your yummy recipes!


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