Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Days Are Here To Stay

Tennis's first birthday party. Cambree turned one year old Septemeber 25th and Tennis was elated to get invited as you can see. He loves seeing his cousins. I like this picture because I don't have very many of me and him and I can actually see a little bit of me in him here. Other words he is his father's son. He is such a softy hearted little guy. He is always concerned when anyone is sad. He is precise too. It is funny to see someone so little so precise with things. For example the other day I gave him green beans with dinner, real green beans. He picked each one up and turned it over in his little hand examining it until he found one that suited him then he ate it. He did that for a half an hour. Then came the raisins. He did the same thing. But with raisins he pushes them to the front of his mouth where his little teeth are and he chewed it until it broke open. He took it out of his mouth and looked at the inside of it then put it back in his mouth and some how got all the gooie insides out and then took the skin out of his mouth and set it down. Kids are funny little eaters.


Brandon and Brittany said...

Bambi - this is a great picture. I agree with you, I can see you in him. His smile is absolutely adorable.

Annie said...

That's so cute he's so precise with his eating. I love Tennis' temperment. He's the type of boy that would be able to get along with everyone easily.


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