Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We love church!!!

Tennis sometimes has a hard time sitting still through all three meetings of church. Well he has a hard time all the time sitting through one hole meeting. He does love it though. During Sunday school this last week I was trying to get him to fall asleep, wishful thinking, when the relief society president walked by. She is a super lively and warm person to be around. Tennis just loves her. She had her camera with her and all she had to do was say "Hi Tennis C" and he would crack up. I know that he was totally past the point of tired and verging on giddy and that is why he responded the way he did. It was so funny. People would be walking by when she would do that or while he was recovering from laughing and of course they all start laughing. So I'm afraid we are a bit of a disruptive influence in church at the moment.

1 comment:

Amelia said...

What a cutie! He's just so happy!


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