Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How Cliff are Jenna are.

Whew - the past week has been so very scary, yet Cliff has rallied and isdoing great. He was moved from the burn unit to the intermediate care uniton Saturday - which is a step up from critical care but still needing oneon one care; he also still has a feeding tube, but no catheter! A simpleexplanation of what has happened came from the neurological team that isnow caring for Cliff: Cliff had 5 major "things" going on at once -electrical shock, heart stopping, being knocked to the ground and that headinjury, brain injury, burns. And then to top this off, a viral infectiontook hold of his already compromised body - from his spinal cord to hisskin, and just about grabbed him. But I am convinced - talk to me later,that prayers, fasting, good thoughts, well wishes, good doctors, greathospital care, and a loving wife pulled him through all of this. He ishealing, and this is such a blessing - talk to me later.
With all of this of course comes a longer stay in the hospital and still aneed for Cliff and Jenna to concentrate all of their energy on his healing.He is having physical therapy daily - he is walking a little, and hisgrafts and amputations are healing nicely. He will begin rehabilitationthis week, and hopefully by the end of the week or first of next, Cliffwill move into the rehabilitation area of the hospital.
No visitors, yet, but as always, thoughts, well-wishes, and e-mails aregreatly appreciated.
Cliff has 2 motivational sayings hanging in his room: Be Believing. BeHappy. Don't get discouraged. Things will work out. -Pres. Gordon B.Hinckley
In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. -AlbertEinstein

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Brian & Amelia said...

Once again, thanks for the update!


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