Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The most recent update on Cliff and Jenna.

Jenna found out on Saturday that Cliff's set-backs were caused by 2 minorseizures last week. He was taken off the dylantin after a week (which istypical), and shortly after this he had the first seizure, then a second adaylater. The doctors say this is not a cause for concern (ha!), but just partof the process of healing. He is back on dylantin as well as sodium - wherea depletion can also affect brain injuries.
It was a tough weekend with Cliff feeling well enough to go on longwheelchair rides, but not well enough to carry on conversations or reallydo much interaction. The sodium and no food/liquids rule has been tough onhim - he is thirsty and feels dehydrated - a swollen tongue and sore throatthat make it hard to communicate, but he's also coughing up crap out of hislungs - which is good, but the caregivers don't want any chance of himaspirating and/or getting pneumonia - hence the feeding tube.
The staples holding the final layer of his head wound were removed today,and his foot and hands are healing - we are blessed. However, his headinjury is still going to need quite some time to heal. It will be awhilebefore he's able to come home.
We appreciate all of your prayers, e-mails, and cards. Please continuethese. It's overwhelming - the kindnesses that have come Jenna and Cliff'sway. The doctors and nurses continue to stress the importance of novisitors right now. Cliff gets easily confused and anxious, and thedoctors, nurses, and therapists have said that now is the time for him tobe healing. He will begin all sorts of therapy tomorrow - for this we aregrateful.

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