Saturday, August 30, 2008


Chad got back yesterday and yes he did kill a cow elk. He got it with one clean shot through the ribs. We love our mountain man. He took it to the meat locker yesterday afternoon and they said it was 191 lbs of nothing but meat. Seeing as they had to cut it up and leave the majority of the bones on the mountain. He left this morning to take the truck back up there and to hunt for a deer. He gets home tonight. We are so proud of him. Persistance pays off.

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Meggie Stevens said...

Hey, Bambi. I just got your comment and added your blog to my list. How is everything going? Penny is adorable. It seems like this twin pregnancy has gone by so fast. As for a shower, the girls in my ward are putting one on at my mom's house on Oct 2nd, I'll get you more details once I know them, It would be fun if you guys could come though.


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