Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sorry it's been so long

Daddy and Tennis playing horse shoes.
Tennis trying out Cambree's ride and giving her a ride at the same time. They all loved this little four wheeler.
Amanda while she was still pregnant. She was brave to come up so close to her due date.
Tennis and Caleb sharing. They are getting so big.
Tennis fell off a camping chair and got a pretty good bump on his head.

I have been so lazy recently with my blogging. I'm sorry. There is a lot to cover so bear with me. First we had the Poulson family reunion up at Moon Lake the last weekend of July. It was so much fun. Granted we didn't get any sleep. Tennis loved being outside all day long. He is such a little wanderer. He is sneaky about it too. Here are some photos from the reunion.

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