Thursday, August 28, 2008

Life without Daddy around

Chad has been gone hunting this whole week. He left last Friday afternoon, came home late Saturday night and left again Sunday afternoon. We haven't seen him since. It has been really hard on us this time more than any other time he has been gone. I'm sure it has been missing us terribly also. He was able to go on the 50 miler which was a week long 3 weeks ago and it really felt like this week long crept up on us so quickly I really didn't have time mentally to prepare myself for it. Plus having two children instead of just one has made it seem so much harder not to have him here. Here are the top 10 things that I and Tennis seem to miss the most.

1. Having him around to talk to me. Don't get me wrong Tennis jibber jabber is fun but I really miss having adult conversations with him daily.
2. It is hard at night when he normally would be coming home because Tennis anticipates him arriving and gets wound up. Chad spends a lot of time playing with him when he gets home. Plus I am tired from the day so he is such a HUGE help with the kids even if he doesn't think he is.
3. He makes me and Tennis laugh. He gets the best belly laughs out of Tennis.
4. He helps me not to think to much on the hard things in life. He picks me up so much.
5. I really miss having him to sleep and snuggle with. It is so nice in the middle of the night if I wake up for one of thousands of reasons I scoot into him and it is easier to fall asleep.
6. Tennis and I both miss the kisses.
7. Chad sings a lot and I miss hearing him around the house singing.
8. Believe it or not I miss him riding me about stupid things like mating the socks. Him doing that kind of thing makes me work harder at being better.
9. I really miss the daily lunch time call that we have while he is at work.
10. I can't smell him in the house anymore. Normally I can smell his cologne in the bathroom from him in the morning or on the bed. But it has gone away now.

I hope and pray that he is able to get a kill so he can come home to us. We miss him so much. He is such a huge part of our lives. I feel like half of my head is gone not to mention my heart.

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