Monday, June 1, 2009

What We've Been Up To

I just wanted to update everyone on what we have been up to.

Chad started school at UVU this summer.  He has a big class load and will continue to attend UVU in the Fall and Spring of next year while he builds his portfolio and prepares to apply for the Architectural program at the U.  He is adjusting well to work and school.  I have always said that he is smarter than most people I know and he is most definitely proving that to me everyday.

Penny Tennis is full of surprises.  He had surgery 2 days before christmas to have new tubes put in his ears and to have his adnoids taken out.  He hasn't had one ear infection since and his hearing is perfect now.  We are still working on his speech everyday and have seen great improvements in just the past 2 weeks.  He still is a little behind but he is smart and will catch up to his cousins soon I have no doubt of that.

Penny is walking, well taking baby steps is more like it.  We know she can walk because we have seen it but she is very cautious and doesn't push herself to much.  She is super fiesty when it comes to Tennis.  She is constantly trying to get him into trouble and chews him out all the time.  She loves to dance and loves music even more.

As for me, well I am doing my best to keep up with the kids.  I am proud to say that this is the longest strecth of time that I haven't been pregnant through our whole marraige.  I know that sounds silly but we are happy about it.  We keep pretty busy during the week with daily walks to parks and anywhere else within a reasonable distance, seven peaks trips once a week and play groups.  

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