Friday, June 19, 2009

Our crazy little lives.

Mommy and Tennis at the Art City days Kid's Festival
Penny loves swings
She thought these were so fun.
Tennis couldn't help putting on his shades when he saw Penny putting on mine.

This past week started out with pretty much nothing on the schedule. Which I was more than happy about after my busy weekend. But each day has brought more and more challenges.

For starters Tennis isn't napping which makes him super edgy and prone to terrible tantrums. He normally lays down at 12 or 1 but he hasn't had one normal nap this week. He has fallen asleep i his high chair, on the couch and in his little chair when he hits the point of exhaustion when he can't fight it. But that doesn't last more than 20 minutes.

Penny might be coming down with something because she has been super tender the past few days and now isn't wanting to take her normal naps too. She is easy for the most part but when Tennis is tired and taunting her she gets on edge too and it puts them both out of sorts and super needy.

Chad is super duper busy with everything it seems. I am so proud of him for jumping in his calling as the 11 year old scout leader but seeing as the ward leaders don't really seem to be organized at all when it comes to scouts he has had to do it all himself. He is having his first camp out tonight and he is excited.

I did get all my visiting teaching done this week which feels good but other than that I feel like I haven't done anything productive this week. I guess the summertime is supposed to be like that especially when you have kids.

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Brian and Amelia said...

Okay, so I totally understand how you feel. I'm sorry you had a week like that. Sometimes, for me at least, it's just getting through each minute. You are a great mom! These little trials our children give us just make us better!


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