Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

To be honest I had completely forgotten it is April Fools day. Well until one of the kids morning cartoon shows had an April Fools Day episode. After it was over we played hide and seek until Tennis's bus came. He was saying Api Foos as we left the house. Tennis's bus driver told me that she couldn't drive him home today and wanted to make sure it was okay so I of course said I would figure it out, thinking can't they just call a sub driver like they have in the past? I was a little worried about finding someone or having to walk down there in the wet cold to get him, not a big deal just caught me off guard. Then she laughs and says April Fools. She got me. They started to pull away and then they stopped and she opened the door and says, "Tennis hid in the back of the bus and when Debbie got close, she is the bus aid, he jumped out and said Api Foos and scared her. I guess he got her back." He is such a funny boy.

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