Monday, April 26, 2010

Life as a Worker Bee

Life is pretty busy right now. It seems like I can almost see the end of the tunnel but it turns out that it is just a overhead light. I am not trying to complain though. I am happy when I am busy as long as I am on top of things.

For starters Chad's finals are this week. So he is super busy with work and studying and completing online stuff. We are also busy getting all the proper forms filled out and sent in for the next semester that is just right around the bend. I am so proud of Chad for getting through another semester and working at the same time. I know lots of people do it but it doesn't mean that it is an easy task.

My list of to dos are most self imposed. First I just got a second calling to be a camp director assistant or whatever the title is. It basically means that I am going to be helping, planning, organizing whatever needs to be taken care of for girls camp. It started for me yesterday at a YCL meeting that took roughly 4 hours. We got a lot figured out and now everyone has jobs that they have to take care of including myself. I am excited about it though. I love girls camp. I am not looking forward to leaving my little family at home but it will be nice to get to know the girls and work with them for a week. But it is going to be work.

Second, I got a job as a Seamstress Contractor. I think that that is what it is called. I sew swimming suits, swimming shorts, dance tops and bottoms, dance costumes and anything else they need me to do. I am working with just swimming shorts and suits for right now but once summer is over the dance gear is going to be in high demand so I will be busy doing that. It is fun because I love to sew and I get paid for it. I am not taking to much on until I get the whole sewing schedule figured out with the kids and everything but I am hoping to be able to help out quite a bit with home finances.

My favorite part about this time of year is the garden. Penny and Tennis have been digging out in the garden for almost a month now catching worms, ants, potato bugs and anything that crawls. It has been nice for them but those days are almost over. Well they will be over until my plants come up and are strong enough for the kids to be in the garden with them. I always get so excited when I get my seeds in. We should have another awesome garden this year. Thank you big back yard!!!!

That is all for now. We are busy, busy equals productive, productivity equals a sense of accomplishment which equals happiness. So we are happy.

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Annie said...

Sounds busy! How great to find a job like that that you like doing and you feel the satisfaction of helping out with finances! Good luck to Chad with his finals!


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