Monday, July 28, 2008

50 Miler Stats

MilesTrail Moving TimeTrail Stopped TimeMPHTotal Ascent
Day 112.15:345:002.2mph2,800 ft.
Day 38.23.191:432.5mph1,300 ft.
Day 47.32:581:302.5mph1,600ft.
Day 514.45:153:302.5mph1,950 ft.
Total4217:0611:432.45mph7,650 ft.

Here's some of the hiking stats from out 50 miler. I think most of them are correct. I got the paper wet that I wrote them all down on, so I couln't read them all. I had to go from memory. But anywho, Seth and I had our GPS's along with us, and we were monitoring the trip computer as we went. It was pretty cool to see the exact data of the trip. I was getting a little different numbers than he was, but not off by too far, and probably just the differnce in the accuracy of the satalites. It seemed that we were getting about 20 ft. of accuracy on a good part of the trail. In the end I think we both had around 42 miles. Tecnically people that havn't been along with us on this 50 miler would think. What? only 42 miles? Why would you call it a 50 miler. We'll I know it may be somewhat of a stretch and just a justification to many people, but with all the hiking we do around camp, and to and from the lakes, we for sure get close to 50 miles. So there... it's still a 50 miler. ;) Brian and I actually wen't on a little hike on tuesday when we didnt have anything better to do, and we visited Uintah Lake. It was a good 2 miles there and back. We also usually hike to Shamrock lake too which is a bit farther, and a good little fishing trip. It didn't work out for us this time.. I guess we just ran out of time.

The normal hike we would hike all 6 days, but we decided the first day to mash the second day into the hike, so we could have all tuesday to fish all we wanted, and the 5th day instead of stopping at our usuall Brown Duck location, we actually hiked all the way out to Moon Lake. That's the reason you only see 4 days of hiking up there. All in all it was a good and very tiring hike for us all. We were all (with the exception of Trent) burnt out at the end of every hike and often long before the end of every hike.

So there ya have it... some fun little stats.

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