Thursday, January 10, 2008

Apartment Update.

For those of you that have heard about our mold issue in our apartment I thought I would update you.

For starters it definitely is throughout the apartment upstairs and down. The mold inspectors told us it isn't safe to be there for several reasons. So we currently are crashing at Chad's parent's house. Thank heavens for close family. We most likely will be jumping over to my parent's house in the next one or two days.

We did find a new place but until we get something back from Harman Apartments, whether it is a deposit or January's rent that we did pay even though we aren't living there, we can't move into the new place. Our new landlord is being kind enough to hold off a few days for us before he puts it back on the market.

Our personal possessions can't be moved out of the home until they are decontaminated. Which is hard enough as it is. I don't even want to think about washing and drying all our clothes, linens, blankets, etc....

But we do have enough evidence, hopefully, to prove that the place isn't safe to live in and that Harman Apartments broke their lease agreement with us. We just hope we don't have to fight them to much to get our January rent back from them and our deposit among other possible things that might need replacing.

Thank heavens Uncle Kevin is helping us through the process. He is a great man.

So for now we are in limbo. Which isn't terrible as long as there is an end in sight. :)


Jordan & Jandee said...

Oh my goodness....poor thing! I can't believe how crazy it is with you please let me know when I can come & help with the "decontaminating process" maybe tomorrow afternoon?

Wurtz Gang said...

Hey let me know if there is anything that we can do to help! Your so right in you thinking...Thank goodness for Uncle Kevin and an amazing family!

Becky & Joseph said...

This is so awful, Bambi! I'm so sorry! I have been really bad at reading blogs lately so I didn't even know! So where are you moving to? Is it still in our ward? I'll be so sad if you have to go to a new ward! But I'm glad for your sakes that you figured out there was a problem and are getting it all fixed. Joseph's sick all the time and it makes me wonder if maybe we have the same problem as you! Let me know how we can help!


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