Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

When I heard the news last night that President Hinckley has passed away I had mixed emotions. I am going to miss him so much, he is the only prophet that I can remember and his guidance has effected my life immensely. He is with his beloved wife now though. Gordon B. Hinckley achieved SO much in his life, especially after the age of 80. How many people can say that the most important years of their life's work happened after they hit 80? Pretty much none except for him. He was so loving, and he led us with a firm but yet gently word. He always seemed to be so light hearted even though there was so much that was corrupt and wrong in the world. He opened the door for missionary work in so many countries and territories. There were more temples built under his guidance than any other. It makes me sad and almost scared to think of a world without him. In my mind I knew he wouldn't be the President of the church until I died but honestly I hoped he would. Foolish me. I haven't written anything inspirational I'm sure but I just felt that he deserves some recognition as I'm sure everyone is feeling right now.

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