Monday, July 28, 2008

50 Miler Fish Log

Margie LakeRosalie LakeUintah LakePhinney LakeSquaw LakeTotal

Thought I'd post the fishing log. We all had a great time and as you can see, caught a lot of fish. 415 total to be exact. We only ended up cooking fish on Tuesday and Wednesday night, so out of the 415 fish we caught we let 411 go.

I can't remember if we've ever caught more fish out of Rosalie than Margie, but we did this year. We can blame that on Tysen, he was catching them there like crazy. We did end up spending a lot of time there though. They just fight a little better than the ones caught out of Margie.

Squaw lake was pretty slow again, but we love the lake cause of the size of fish. Both Trent and Seth caught really big fish. Seth has a good picture of his fish, but once Trent's fish hit the shore he flipped his way loose. :(

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