Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life with two

Now that it has been a few weeks since we brought Penny home i feel like Tennis, Chad and I have gotten into our routine with Penny. Plus I feel like she is old enough now that we know if she is a fussy, needy or snuggly baby. She is a super snuggly, not fussy and a little needy. But man Tennis has started to change in the past two weeks. It is my thought that he knows now that Penny isn't going anywhere and he has to share mommy. He cries every time I leave a room and he can't see me, he cries at night if he happens to be up and he can hear with with Penny. Even when I am feeding her on the sofa he wants to be right on top of me too. It is flattering of course because I know that he loves me and still needs me but it is a little frustrating because it feels like sometimes I don't get any time for myself. Chad has been good about helping with the kids so that I can have time to myself. Even if it is when they are both sleeping and I am running to Walmart to get groceries and take my time roaming the isles. I am not quite sure how I am going to get by without him the week of the 21st-26th of this month when he takes off for his 50 miler. I will most likely be hanging out over at his mom's house and my mom's house every other night to give myself and Tennis a brake. Yes, Tennis seems to do lots better with me at home if he has had playtime somewhere else that day.

For the most part having two kids hasn't been that much more difficult. I am so lucky to have to pretty low maintenance children though. I'm sure it will get nothing but harder from here on out but for now two hasn't been that much more difficult, just more expensive and little noisier at nights.

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Annie said...

Tennis will get used to it. Before you know it, they'll be playing together and having fun.


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