Thursday, July 17, 2008

Penny's First Illness

Well it is true. Penny has thrush. I took her in yesterday to visit our family practitioner and he confirmed it. She is on yucky antibiotics that will most likely lead to another yeast infection. But needless to say she is now on the road to being 100% healthy again. She is coping beautifully with it. She is more clingy, not really sleeping that well and a little bit fussy but she really doesn't seem that different from normal. The only really bad thing is that she is contagious so I can't really go anywhere that I know there is going to be other children right now. So we get to miss out on another swimming play date with his cousins this week. :( I really can't complain about either of my children. They both cope wonderfully with sickness, they both are super cuddly, they are gorgeous (at least I think so) and very smart (I know Tennis is and I'm sure Penny will be too), they both are happy and neither seem to really be super needy. I am a very fortunate mommy.

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