Monday, July 14, 2008

Our busy weekend

We had a very busy weekend. Friday night Chad went on a camp out with the 11 year old scouts in our ward along with two other leaders. They seemed to have enjoyed themselves. They only had 3 scouts come and one of the leaders older sons. But for our ward that apparently was a good turnout.

Saturday we had the Bjarnson family reunion at the Mapleton park. It was fun to meet some more of Chad's extended family and see some of the ones I knew again. The kids loved it too. There is some pretty cool playground equipment there now that they have redone it.

Saturday night I had Jandee's baby shower. It was fun and Penny was little trooper considering we had been out in the heat for several hours already. She is such a wonderful and sweet little girl. Might I add her little dress was the cutest ever, thanks Annie.

Sunday we went to Chad's parents house for dinner and got to see everyone again. It is so nice to get the kids together and let them play. There were trucks flying and thanks to grandpa balls too. It was a fun and eventful weekend and it is only the beginning for our July and August are super full of activities.

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Brian & Amelia said...

The pictures are so fun, I love the one where you can see Penny's cute little dimple, and what a cute dress! By the way, I love your blog, great job!!


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